Our Story

Striving to perfection

Cheese makes everything taste better, so a tart made up of three different types of time-honoured cheeses, freshly baked on-site daily is a compelling proposition.


90% of Japan’s natural cheese production hails from Hokkaido. Why? It is the number one region in Japan for dairy productivity. With a cool climate and fresh lush greenery, native cows are bred and grown naturally in a stress-free environment and this helps them to produce premium quality milk. The milk is then used to produce many other dairy products such as butter, yoghurt and ice-cream in Japan. This would eventually be used as a key inspiration to create the soul of the brand.


The term “Hokkaido” in the name should not be mistaken for the brand having roots from Japan. Founded in Malaysia, the founder was inspired to replicate the flavours of the cheese made from Hokkaido dairy after a visit to the region. With extensive R&D and tireless passion, a secret recipe was created. Without taking credit away from the origins of the inspiration, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart was born.


Much aligned to the vision of STGroup – “to be the strongest link between a brand and the country”, we truly believe in creating and consistently delivering high quality products to the market. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart was brought into the market by STGroup because we believe it is a brand of quality.

Outlet Concepts

As our core products are baked cheese tarts, our outlets were designed to with a key purpose; display the tarts as if they were jewellery. In order to achieve this objective, all our stores were designed to be minimal with clean finishes. The minimalist and clean elements of an outlet help the tart displays stand out. To date, we have two outlet concepts; full-fledged outlets and kiosks.

Store Artist Impression
Kiosk Artist Impression

Support Facilities

With a great brand, comes a great commitment. A central kitchen was planned and constructed to provide the necessary support for our tart production. To show even more commitment to the brand, the Group invested in adequately equipping the central kitchen with modern production equipment to ensure that supply can meet demand. With a great brand, comes a great expectation. To live up to those expectations, we pride ourselves with the ability to produce and deliver products of a high standard. Our Central Kitchen has received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) accreditation, which is recognized as an international food safety standard for manufactured consumables.