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Our story

striving to perfection

Cheese makes everything taste better, so a tart made up of three different types of time-honoured cheeses, freshly baked on-site daily is a compelling proposition. 


Crafted like jewels
Plenty of yummy treats await you here.
Get your sweet tooth satisfied with our delicious baked cheese tarts.

The anatomy

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We have gathered some questions asked quite often that we feel you would like to know about! And of course, we are here if you have more questions!
The Best Way To Enjoy

Chilled, re-heated or fresh!
We always recommend consuming within 4 hours (from the oven) without refrigeration. Tarts kept in the fridge are best consumed within 48 hours. Tarts kept in the freezer are best consumed within 4 days.

What Makes Us Special?​

It is a fusion of the east and the west. Tarts from the east, cheese from the west. The cheese tart filling is made using three blends of cheese and the crust is made to be a ‘biscuit-like’ pastry; crumbly, yet tasty.

Our Origin

The inspiration for the cheese tarts was from Hokkaido, Japan. However, the brand was founded in Malaysia, and has now been brought over to Australia to be shared with everyone!